Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil from Beauty Kitchen Review

Everybody was a facial oil virgin once… 🙂 For me, the first facial oil I have an occasion to try was the Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil from Beauty Kitchen. It was included in a big package from Seahorse line I have bought around Christmas. Since I have started to use this oil I cannot wait to use up the rest of my face lotions so I can switch totally to facial oils! I am hooked!

Something about the brand  and the product

Honestly, I love all the products I have ever tried from the Beauty Kitchen brand. What can I say, they are just SO good! All the products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. The brand is certified as a B Corporation – fully sustainable company (you can read about this certification and many other in one of my previous posts). The labels on Beauty Kitchen’s products are made from waste limestone rock which means…⇓⇓⇓

No trees, water or bleach = no carbon footprint = super sustainable.

What is more, the brand donates a percentage of their sales to The Seahorse Trust to help conserve & preserve these creatures. Also, a minimum of 10% of Beauty Kitchen profits is donated to Ziwa Rhino Fund that aims to protect these animals from poachers.

Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil is a 100% natural face oil. It contains biologically proven seahorse plankton microalgae, is good at reducing wrinkles, plumping and protecting skin. The product prolongs naturally youthful skin and stimulates elasticity.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

Before using this product I was little sceptical. I did not want my skin to overshine or just get too oily. However, the moment I have tried this oil I just felt in love with it. Already after one week, the condition of my skin improved (not that I have bad skin, but improvement is always welcomed 🙂 ) With this oil my rather shallow wrinkle in the middle of my forehead almost disappeared. My skin got smoother, visibility od pores diminished. My skin definitely feels plumper, fresher and is so glowy (do not mistake with oily 🙂 ). The product smells amazingly fresh. With the proper amount used the product sinks directly into a skin. I used it with my favourite BB cream which also happens to be from the Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton line. My skin did not get oily throughout the day. When I was using mentioned BB cream with the Abyssinian Oil Facial Cream from Beauty Kitchen, unfortunately, my face after a while looked like I went straight out of the gym – sweaty. I am definitely convinced now to try other face oils from other brands. All in all, love this oil and will repurchase it in the future.

Environmental footprint



+100% natural

+carbon neutral

+glass packaging

-plastic/rubber cap

-I would skip the extra paper in which the bottle is packed

Available in a 30ml bottle for 29.99€

Recently the brand came out with a lot of new products which I cannot wait to try! Currently, it is my favourite natural beauty brand. Highly recommend it!

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Energising Secrets Body Sugar Scrub from Treets Review

The Spring is in a full swing and who if not us green beauties want to get that natural sunkissed tan on shoulders and legs. Before going almost half naked we need to shed winter skin. For today’s review, I have decided to choose Body Sugar Scrub from Treets.

Something about the brand  and the product

Treets offers a wide range of body care products (e.g. shower gel, body lotion) as well as pillow mist or moisturizing gel socks. Body care products are available in six different lines that represent (at least for me) different states of the mind (e.g. Relaxing Chakra’s, Healing in Harmony, Pure Serenity).

The Body Sugar Scrub from Energising Secrets line is an exfoliating body scrub with traditional Amazonian Tamanu and Sacha inchi oil to nourish and soothe skin. Tamanu oil works very well as a moisturizer, sun protectant and natural healing substance for the skin.  Sacha inchi oil has high fatty acid content (93%) that helps even the look of a skin tone, reduce the appearance of scarring but most importantly keeps skin elastic, lock in hydration, protect against sun damage, and help repair damage when it occurs. Therefore, thanks to these two ingredients the product gently exfoliates the skin, helps improve skin tone, leaves the skin delightfully scented. The scrub is free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils. To each product, small spatula which helps to get the product out of the container without putting our fingers in it is included.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

It is already my second Treets Scrub (I bought two at once) and I am mad about the smell. I love how fresh and clean it is. The scent is wonderful and very energising. I just can’t get over it! The application is very easy. After grabbing some product with the spatula I gently massage it onto damp skin and then rinse off. After each use my skin is silky soft and has a strong scent. I feel like the product thoroughly removes my old skin and helps to tighten it slightly. The scrub is not very harsh on the skin. It will definitely not make any scratches as one of the Scrub Bars I have reviewed in the last post.

Environmental footprint



+does not contain microbeads commonly used in peelings

+packaging made from easily recyclable PET plastic

+the packaging is big and after removing a sticker can be easily used as a colourful container

-contains Alpha-isomethyl Ionone which is suspected to be an environmental toxin*


Available in 375g packaging for 9.99€


I am very happy with the performance of this product. I love the smell. I love the feeling of my skin after I use it. The only drawback is that the product is not 100% natural and that actually one of its ingredients might be toxic to the environment. Even though I am amazed by this Scrub, unfortunately, I am forced to not purchase this product again due to the ingredients list.


Yours environmentally friendly friend,


*Based on data from Environmental Working Group website.


Sugar Scrub from PHB Ethical Beauty Review

Happiness consists of little things we do every day like drinking morning coffee, going out of work and taking the first breath of fresh air, or enjoying one of your cosmetics. I don’t know about you but I love using a scrub once in a while. For today’s post, I have decided to review Lavender & Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub from PHB Ethical Beauty.

Something about the brand  and the product

PHB Ethical Beauty is a British family business offering a wide range of  Skin, Hair & Body care, Organic & Mineral Cosmetics and Male Grooming Products. All products are natural handmade, cruelty-free, vegan and also palm oil free! Packaging often comes from recycled materials and in most cases is 100% recyclable too. The company has the Ethical Award and 20% of its profits goes to their own The OneLove Foundation charity.

Lavender & Ylang Ylang Sugar Scrub is a 100% natural handmade scrub bar. The product is vegan, cruelty-free, and halal. It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Pure sugar cane is combined with organic butters and nourishing oils to gently scrub away dead skin cells revealing younger, brighter and healthier looking skin.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have to admit that the first time I have used this product I was not completely happy. It was quiet difficult to spread it on my skin and it was very very painful! The only place that I could use the scrub without feeling too much discomfort was my thighs. My belly, calves and arms were almost impossible. I even scratched my arms pretty badly. Even though the application was very painfull I wanted to give the product another try. I thought that maybe my skin was too sensitive on this day or the product was new making it hard to use on skin.

After a week I have tried the product again. I still scratched my arms, but besides that, I have really enjoyed this Scrub. It was easier to spread it on my body, and the application did not hurt me so much as during the first use. I have to warn you that this Scrub bar is more painful than loose sugar or coffee scrub. Anyway, after each “scrub session,” I really need to moisturize my skin with an extra lotion. But not with Sugar Scrub from PHB! Thanks to organic butters and oils in the scrub my skin felt so soft almost silky and very nourished that I did not need another step in my routine. Less is more, right?! The scent of the product is quite strong and you can smell more Ylang Ylang than Lavender. The only drawback is that you use a lot of product with each use.

After all I think I have found my perfect scrub.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free


+100% natural and organic ingredients

+recyclable paper packaging (it also feels like it is made from recycled material)

+free from Petrochemicals and Palm Oil

+20% of profits go for the good cause (e.g. Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in the UK)

No straight negative impacts. Remember! There is always some impact (e.g. carbon footprint).

I have already tried two other products of this brand and I just cannot wait to try more! I love how environmentally friendly this brand is! The brand is not only dedicated to producing their cosmetics with natural ingredients but also focuses on so many other aspects related to leading a business that has an impact on the environment. I have tried a lot of cosmetic products from different brands but PHB Ethical Beauty is one of the most environmentally friendly brands I had occasion to test. The best thing is that their products are of high quality, work very well, and are not crazy expensive. I highly recommend you to try this scrub or any other product from this brand. I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


How to cut your plastic waste in your beauty routine?

If you are all for the environment you probably already know that environmentally friendly beauty is not only about cosmetics and its natural ingredients but also about the amount of produced waste and used energy. The first example that comes to my mind is single-use face masks. But this is a subject for a next post. In this post, I will focus on plastic waste and what can be done to reduce it. If you want to transition into environmentally friendly beauty follow these simple steps:

Put attention to packaging – buy glass

The best solution is to buy products in glass containers. Unlike plastic, glass can be recycled over and over again. Another option is to clean the glass and give it a second life. You can use it as a container for spices, buttons or even as a travel size plane liquid container. If you have an artistic side you can think of creating small decorations, tiny flower pots or use it as an original packaging for your best friend birthday gift. I bet your kids will love these containers too. They can play with them or help you with new ideas of how to reuse them.

Choose recyclable plastic

Even though there is plenty of eco-friendly beauty products on the market I am aware that sometimes not all of them are available in the glass. If you don’t have any other choice than buying plastic choose packaging that can be easily recycled. Just for your information, not all plastics can be recycled. There are few different types of plastics which have to be sorted before recycling process. Below you can see types of plastics and list of products that can be made after recycling.


Opt for big containers

Big products create less waste, last longer and are cheaper (in €/l). Also, it is easier to reuse big plastic containers. I had a couple of 2l shower gel bottles and I used them as jugs to water plants in my living room. After small adjustments, you can also use them as a container for tools, desk organizer, plant pots etc.

Shop brands that use recycled packaging

There are a lot of brands that REALLY care about the environment and they choose recycled plastic for packaging. Most of the times brands like to brag about it so you will definitely see it on the label.

Buy metal razor

If you still use single-use plastic razors you have to rethink it and try metal ones. Even if you are using a razor where you only have to change the head with blades (the hand is multiple use till it does not break) there is still plastic around those blades. Probably you are using one plastic razor a month, in a year it is already 12 razors! For sure at the beginning, you will have to get used to the metal razor but isn’t it worth it for the clean environment?

Use soap bars instead of liquid hand wash

They last longer, are cheaper and are wrapped in less packaging = less waste.

Use 2in1 products

Try 2in1 shampoo and conditioner. Use body lotion as your hand lotion (there is really no difference in ingredients).


Maybe these ideas seem simple and obvious but I can assure you that if you will implement them in your every day life the amount of plastic you recycle every week will shrink. If you have more ideas on how to reduce your plastic use in your beauty routine please let me know in comments. I will be happy to listen and incorporate some new ideas into my life.


Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Some say that tonic is a must-have step in a skincare routine some omit it and go straight to lotion. Today I have decided to write about Moisturizing Tonic Lotion from Deborah Milano.

Something about the product

According to the brand, this Moisturizing Tonic Lotion refreshes, and soothes skin, and restores its pH. It contains Aloe Vera for a protective and soothing action, Argan oil for smoothing and anti-free radicals action, White Peony for an antioxidant and astringent action. It has natural mint and lavender scent. It is free from parabens, PEG, alcohol, mineral oils, colourants, and silicones.

Unfortunately, the product contains Ethylhexylglycerin which is classified as an irritant.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

Personally, I do not use tonic lotions every day. I have one favourite tonic but it is definitely not the one from Deborah Milano. I do not really see any difference after applying the product. As a matter of fact, my skin feels sticky and far from being fresh and ready for the next step of my skincare routine. I feel like I have to wash my face again before applying any cream. On top of that, every time I am using this product my skin burns a little bit which is probably caused by Ethylhexylglycerin which can cause skin irritations. I am also not a fun of a packaging. The pump is unpractical and unprecise. I have the impression like I always use too much product. In general, there is really nothing I like about this Tonic. I gave it a fair chance. I have tried it in the morning, evening, different days. I am sad to say that this product is definitely not for me and I will not repurchase it again.

Environmental Footprint


+packaging made from recyclable plastic PET

+free from parabens, colorants, silicones

-contains Tocopheryl Acetate which is suspected to be an environmental toxin and be persistent or bioaccumulative

The product is available in 200 ml bottle for 12.50€

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


*information on ingredients sourced from the website of the Environmental Working Group


Moisturizing Tonic Lotion from Deborah Milano Review

Every skincare addict love face masks right? Face mask in the morning or in the evening? Does not matter, they always lift our mood and make us feel special.

Something about the brand  and the product

I have tried to find some information on the company but apparently, it does not exist anymore. The website that is written on the back of each mask is no longer valid. Also, I have found that one of the British shops (the company is British) was selling out all masks not so long time ago. Nevertheless, I decided to share my opinion about this product.

Both masks are cruelty-free and are free from animal byproducts, synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicones, parabens,  MIT, formaldehyde, SLS, SLES, phthalates, genetically modified ingredients and CMR’s*

* carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic ingredients

The Refreshing Lotion Face Mask with an apple from the Plant Stem Cell Range (green one),  aims to calm, nurture irritated skin, and help to reduce the appearance of redness associated with dryness. The soothing Allantoin and Plant Stem Cells help to hydrate the skin, diminishes the look of wrinkles and promotes skin firmness and elasticity.

The Hydrating Gel Face Mask with Arctic Raspberry & Acai from the Super Fruits Range (the red one) soothes dry, stressed and rough skin. Enriched with Vitamin E and Super Fruit extracts leaves the skin visibly hydrated with a boost of radiance.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have used the Refreshing Mask when my skin got really dry from the cold weather. My skin was slightly irritated and red. I have to admit that after using that mask condition of my skin improved. The most noticeable effect was diminished redness. On top of that, my skin felt hydrated, very very soft, very fresh, and looked slightly radiant. What I liked the most was the cooling down effect. Few hours after using the mask I felt real freshness and cold on my face (I did not apply any lotion after). The scent was very fresh and delicate. I bet that this mask would be perfect during summer!

The Hydrating Gel Face Mask is not really a gel. It has exact same lotion consistency as the Refreshing Mask. This time my skin was not dry at all. I just wanted to give her a slight boost. After using the mask I did not apply any lotion. My skin felt hydrated but little tingling. Actually, after I have removed the mask my skin was glowing but also slightly red on my cheeks which have never happened to me after any masks I have had occasion to use. Softness stayed few hours after applying the product. The smell was very fruity and sweet. I am more of a fresh flowers scent girl but it is a personal preference.

The application for both masks was easy, only their removal was a little bit troubling. I always remove lotion masks with a help of a sponge (to save water), but these two were so rich and oily that I had to use the sponge and water couple of times.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free


+ even though it is not 100% natural it does not contain any ingredients that can accumulate in the environment and pose a toxic threat

– masks are one use only, therefore, its packaging is not really environmentally friendly – always it is better to buy in big containers

– packaging probably not recyclable – there is no label indicating that the material can be recycled

In general, I liked both masks (the green one more). I liked how my skin felt after and that it stayed very soft for quite a long time even though I did not apply any lotion right after. However, recently I have started to think about the environmental footprint of all face masks or even more sheet masks. They can be cruelty-free, vegan, packaging can be recycled, but still, we create more waste using single face masks than a mask from a 200ml tube. I know it is fun to be able to use different masks each time, but is it really worth it?

Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,



Face masks from Natures Bliss Review

Certifications on Cosmetic Products. Part 2

Several posts back (Are Certifications on Cosmetic Products Reliable or Is It Another Marketing Catch?) I have described 10 the most common and recognizable certifications that can be found on cosmetic products. Today, I will introduce you to another certifications.

CarbonFree® Certified

This certificate is managed by the non-profit Foundation. The CarbonFree® Product Certification label is aimed at increasing awareness of product emissions and recognizing companies that are compensating for their carbon footprint. Can be found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and United States.


Carbon Neutral Certification

Belongs to Verus Carbon Neutral and is a label given to businesses that offset their carbon footprint. Found in Brazil, India, and United States.


Carbon Reduction Label

The label is managed by the Carbon Trust and is a public commitment that the carbon footprint of a product or service has been measured and certified and the owner of the product or service has committed to reducing that footprint over the following two years. Available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States.


Certified Wildlife Friendly®

The non-profit Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network certifies products if they directly contribute to in situ conservation of key species, their production has a positive impact on the local economy, and communities living with wildlife participate in the production of the product. Products with this certificate can be found in Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, South Africa, United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark sublicensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The program encourages companies to demonstrate efforts in eco-intelligent design by efficiently using water, renewable energy, materials that can be recycled or composted and are safe for human health and the environment through all use phases. This ecolabel is found in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United States.


Grean Seal

It is an independent non-profit organization that certifies products and services that meet environmental standards that are credible and transparent. Green Seal is ANSI-accredited and meets ISO and GEN requirements. Products that hold Green Seal certification are rigorously evaluated, including an on-site audit. Found in Canada, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Puerto Rico, South Africa, United States.


Korean Ecolabel

The label is managed by the Korean government, exactly Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute. The aim of the Institute is to increase environmental friendliness of products by setting up the eco-product standards, building an evaluation system, offering eco-products & environmental trend information to the public, facilitating production of eco-products, and constructing the eco-product consumption system. Available only in Republic of Korea.




Sourcemap is not really a certification but rather a tool which enables to find important information about the particular product. On the platform producers share detailed information about components, origins and sometimes environmental and social footprints of their products To access Sourcemap all we need to do is scan ecolabel on a product. After that, we gonna get redirected to an interactive map of the product’s supply chain.



If you are interested to read more about these certifications or maybe find some others not necessarily related to cosmetic industry go to Eco Label website. All information in this post was found on this website.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,



Even though the spring officially came a few days ago behind my windows is still windy and rainy. If the sun does not want to brighten my room at least I will try to brighten my face with a facial scrub!

Something about the brand and the product

Sukin is an Australian brand offering a wide range of face, body and hair products for woman, man and children. Products do not contain petrolatum, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, artificial colours, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, MEA/DEA/TEA, Phthalates, triclosan, sulphates, parabens, silicones and EDTA and are biodegradable.

Revitalising Facial Scrub from Sukin combines bamboo and ground walnut shells to gently exfoliate, and Aloe Vera, Rosehip and Chamomile to soothe skin. According to the brand it lightly exfoliate the skin and removes unwanted dirt and impurities. A refreshing combination of Aloe Vera and Chamomile soothes the skin while Jojoba, Sesame, and Rosehip Oils lightly hydrate complexion, leaving skin feeling clean and smooth. It can be used on face and neck. It contains Phenoxyethanol which in European Union is classified as toxic or harmful if used around the lips.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I can see an immediate effect on my skin. I do not have large or clogged pores, but on my nose where I do have them slightly bigger, I have noticed a direct improvement. My pores did not disappear but got slightly smoothened. After each use, my skin felt fresher and looked slightly lighter. I did not get any irritation around my lips or anywhere on the face. Sometimes after using scrubs, I have a feeling that my skin is stretched and slightly dry. Not with Sukin! To sum up, the Sukin facial scrub works but does not WOW me. It cleans my pores as any other facial scrub. The only thing that I really dislike is the smell… I think it is the worst smelling product I have used in a long time. I do not know if it is a combination of a ground walnut with one of the other ingredients but for me, the product smells so chemical (even though a majority of ingredients are natural) that makes me not want to use it again.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan

+ 100% carbon neutral product

+ unlike other nasty scrubs Sukin DOES NOT contain microplastics

+ even though it contains preservative – Phenoxyethanol it does not have a negative impact on the environment

+/- the label on the packaging states that it is recyclable, however, it is not marked which type of plastic is used

The product is available in 125ml for 9.99€

If you are a green freak like me I totally advise you to try this product or even all brand! Even though the product works as any other average scrub and has a horrible smell (for me, maybe you will like it) I love that the brand is environmentally friendly and its footprint is very low. After all, if all scrubs work the same why not to use the one which has less or no negative impact on the environment?

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Revitalising Facial Scrub from Sukin Review

Natural Deodorant from Salt of the Earth Review

Spring came a few days ago, and summer will be soon around the corner. Who else if not us woman would not want to look gorgeous in that short dress or shorts? Probably many of us got that spring kick, took out sports shoes from the back of a cabinet, wiped a dust off, and went for a run. A well-prepared runner does not only have comfortable shoes but also effective deodorant!

Something about the brand

Recently I have tried unscented, natural deodorant from Salt of the Earth in classic and spray version. The brand offers 100% natural unscented and scented deodorants in the form of a spray, salt stick, and roll-on for both woman and man. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain aluminium,  chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens, triclosan, and mineral oils. The brand claims that their products are 100% effective, control body odour, and do not leave white or yellow stains on clothing.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have been using more natural deodorants (but still not 100% natural) for almost 2 years now. My body got used to softer ingredients, therefore, I have decided to go completely natural. I have used a full bottle of the Salt of the Earth spray with skin soothing Aloe Vera and started to use a salt stick. I have to admit that I liked the way spray worked and that it did not have any smell. In my everyday life, I do not sweat too much so the product worked for me pretty good. In more stressful situations or during a workout, of course, I did sweat (a lot!) but I did not smell, so I think the deodorant had to have something to do with it. As the brand promised I did not notice any white or yellow marks on my clothing. The only thing I really did not like about the spray is its application. It did not matter how much product I used it always dribbled down my torso. I had to wipe it down otherwise it was feeling uncomfortable and if I put my top immediately it was slightly getting wet. Moreover, the product run out very fast. The salt stick, on the other hand, I can already say that it will last for a really long time. A huge advantage of a stick is its application. I just need to wet the stick or my armpits and spread the product on my skin. Nothing dribbles or stays wet. If I would have to choose between these two products I would definitely go with the salt stick. Both deodorants worked exactly the same but the application and longevity were just better with the stick.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan – no animal byproducts in the ingredients list

+ 100% natural ingredients = no negative impact on environment!!!

+/- the label on the packaging states that it is recyclable, however, it is not marked which type of plastic is used – there are few types of plastics marked from 1 (recyclable everywhere) to 7 (mostly not recyclable)

? no information about carbon footprint



The unscented salt stick is available in 90g and costs around 7€

The unscented spray is available in 100ml and costs around 7€

If you are considering 100% natural deodorant I would definitely recommend this brand! However, have in mind that before switching from antiperspirants with all the nasty ingredients for almost 2 years I have been using more natural, but not entirely natural deodorants. Over that time my body could adjust to sudden change and regulate its sweat production – after the switch, I was sweating like a pig! Deodorant from Dr. Organic which is free from SLS, aluminium, parabens, and alcohol was my first choice (review available in one of my previous posts). I still choose Dr. Organic over Salt of the Earth if I expect coming day to be a little bit more sweaty than usual.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Nourishing Face Gel with Lungwort from Vianek Review

Morning skin care routine is as important as the evening. In the evening our attention goes to cleaning makeup and dirt accumulated during all day. To prepare our skin for good night of sleep and rest we need to clean it thoroughly. In the morning our skin can produce more sebum making our face appear more oily. However, we can use more gentle products to not strip our skin from protective layers and as a consequence overdry it. Therefore, our morning and evening routine should vary. In the evening we can use a little bit stronger products whereas in the morning we should opt for light counterparts.

Something about the brand

Nourishing face gel with Lungwort from Vianek is one of my recent choices. Vianek is a polish brand offering various skin care products including face lotions, washes, micelar water, toner, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, and many many more. Products contain natural ingredients and include extracts from polish flowers and herbs collected from ecological farms. The brand does not test their products on animals and does not use any animal byproduct.

The product is dedicated for every day use and every skin type. According to the brand it slightly removes makeup and other accumulated during the day environmental pollution. It contains honey, oil from peach seed, soy lecithin and lungwort extract. All these ingredients guarantee that the skin is moisturized, nourished and strengthen against irritation and environmental damage.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have been using this product on and off for the last year. Definitely, it is a gentle product. I have never experienced rash or allergies. However, because it cleans very gently it did not work for me to remove all of my makeup. I like it as a morning wash but to include it in an evening routine I would need something stronger. I need to feel and be sure that a product removed all daylong dirt, and with Vinaek face wash, I do not have this certainty. I do not feel it and honestly, do not see it. I have tried to use this product as an evening wash and to remove all the makeup I had to wash my face multiple times. Even if I do not wear makeup I prefer to include a little bit stronger products in my evening routine. Apart from that, I am very happy about this gel. When I use it in the morning it refreshes my face after all night. After each wash, my skin felt fresh and slightly nourished. The consistency of the product is perfect: nor thick or thin. The smell is very fresh and a little bit sweet. Moreover, the pump is very comfortable. I can easily take the product with m anywhere I go.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan

+ herb ingredients collected from ecological farming – less impact on soils, waters

+ recyclable PET plastic

– not all ingredients are natural:

–  contains cocoamidopropyl betaine which is suspected to be an environmental toxin

? no information about carbon footprint


The product is available in a 150ml bottle for around 4€

I would definitely recommend this product as a morning gentle wash. If you are looking for something that would remove your makeup than I would advise you to look for something more strong.

Your environmentally friendly friend,


* All information on ingredients were taken from Environmental Working Group website