Nourishing Face Gel with Lungwort from Vianek Review

Morning skin care routine is as important as the evening. In the evening our attention goes to cleaning makeup and dirt accumulated during all day. To prepare our skin for good night of sleep and rest we need to clean it thoroughly. In the morning our skin can produce more sebum making our face appear more oily. However, we can use more gentle products to not strip our skin from protective layers and as a consequence overdry it. Therefore, our morning and evening routine should vary. In the evening we can use a little bit stronger products whereas in the morning we should opt for light counterparts.

Something about the brand

Nourishing face gel with Lungwort from Vianek is one of my recent choices. Vianek is a polish brand offering various skin care products including face lotions, washes, micelar water, toner, shampoos, conditioners, scrubs, and many many more. Products contain natural ingredients and include extracts from polish flowers and herbs collected from ecological farms. The brand does not test their products on animals and does not use any animal byproduct.

The product is dedicated for every day use and every skin type. According to the brand it slightly removes makeup and other accumulated during the day environmental pollution. It contains honey, oil from peach seed, soy lecithin and lungwort extract. All these ingredients guarantee that the skin is moisturized, nourished and strengthen against irritation and environmental damage.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have been using this product on and off for the last year. Definitely, it is a gentle product. I have never experienced rash or allergies. However, because it cleans very gently it did not work for me to remove all of my makeup. I like it as a morning wash but to include it in an evening routine I would need something stronger. I need to feel and be sure that a product removed all daylong dirt, and with Vinaek face wash, I do not have this certainty. I do not feel it and honestly, do not see it. I have tried to use this product as an evening wash and to remove all the makeup I had to wash my face multiple times. Even if I do not wear makeup I prefer to include a little bit stronger products in my evening routine. Apart from that, I am very happy about this gel. When I use it in the morning it refreshes my face after all night. After each wash, my skin felt fresh and slightly nourished. The consistency of the product is perfect: nor thick or thin. The smell is very fresh and a little bit sweet. Moreover, the pump is very comfortable. I can easily take the product with m anywhere I go.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan

+ herb ingredients collected from ecological farming – less impact on soils, waters

+ recyclable PET plastic

– not all ingredients are natural:

–  contains cocoamidopropyl betaine which is suspected to be an environmental toxin

? no information about carbon footprint


The product is available in a 150ml bottle for around 4€

I would definitely recommend this product as a morning gentle wash. If you are looking for something that would remove your makeup than I would advise you to look for something more strong.

Your environmentally friendly friend,


* All information on ingredients were taken from Environmental Working Group website

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