Natural Deodorant from Salt of the Earth Review

Spring came a few days ago, and summer will be soon around the corner. Who else if not us woman would not want to look gorgeous in that short dress or shorts? Probably many of us got that spring kick, took out sports shoes from the back of a cabinet, wiped a dust off, and went for a run. A well-prepared runner does not only have comfortable shoes but also effective deodorant!

Something about the brand

Recently I have tried unscented, natural deodorant from Salt of the Earth in classic and spray version. The brand offers 100% natural unscented and scented deodorants in the form of a spray, salt stick, and roll-on for both woman and man. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and do not contain aluminium,  chlorohydrate, alcohol, parabens, triclosan, and mineral oils. The brand claims that their products are 100% effective, control body odour, and do not leave white or yellow stains on clothing.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have been using more natural deodorants (but still not 100% natural) for almost 2 years now. My body got used to softer ingredients, therefore, I have decided to go completely natural. I have used a full bottle of the Salt of the Earth spray with skin soothing Aloe Vera and started to use a salt stick. I have to admit that I liked the way spray worked and that it did not have any smell. In my everyday life, I do not sweat too much so the product worked for me pretty good. In more stressful situations or during a workout, of course, I did sweat (a lot!) but I did not smell, so I think the deodorant had to have something to do with it. As the brand promised I did not notice any white or yellow marks on my clothing. The only thing I really did not like about the spray is its application. It did not matter how much product I used it always dribbled down my torso. I had to wipe it down otherwise it was feeling uncomfortable and if I put my top immediately it was slightly getting wet. Moreover, the product run out very fast. The salt stick, on the other hand, I can already say that it will last for a really long time. A huge advantage of a stick is its application. I just need to wet the stick or my armpits and spread the product on my skin. Nothing dribbles or stays wet. If I would have to choose between these two products I would definitely go with the salt stick. Both deodorants worked exactly the same but the application and longevity were just better with the stick.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan – no animal byproducts in the ingredients list

+ 100% natural ingredients = no negative impact on environment!!!

+/- the label on the packaging states that it is recyclable, however, it is not marked which type of plastic is used – there are few types of plastics marked from 1 (recyclable everywhere) to 7 (mostly not recyclable)

? no information about carbon footprint



The unscented salt stick is available in 90g and costs around 7€

The unscented spray is available in 100ml and costs around 7€

If you are considering 100% natural deodorant I would definitely recommend this brand! However, have in mind that before switching from antiperspirants with all the nasty ingredients for almost 2 years I have been using more natural, but not entirely natural deodorants. Over that time my body could adjust to sudden change and regulate its sweat production – after the switch, I was sweating like a pig! Deodorant from Dr. Organic which is free from SLS, aluminium, parabens, and alcohol was my first choice (review available in one of my previous posts). I still choose Dr. Organic over Salt of the Earth if I expect coming day to be a little bit more sweaty than usual.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


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