Certifications on Cosmetic Products. Part 2

Several posts back (Are Certifications on Cosmetic Products Reliable or Is It Another Marketing Catch?) I have described 10 the most common and recognizable certifications that can be found on cosmetic products. Today, I will introduce you to another certifications.

CarbonFree® Certified

This certificate is managed by the non-profit CarbonFund.org Foundation. The CarbonFree® Product Certification label is aimed at increasing awareness of product emissions and recognizing companies that are compensating for their carbon footprint. Can be found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, and United States.


Carbon Neutral Certification

Belongs to Verus Carbon Neutral and is a label given to businesses that offset their carbon footprint. Found in Brazil, India, and United States.


Carbon Reduction Label

The label is managed by the Carbon Trust and is a public commitment that the carbon footprint of a product or service has been measured and certified and the owner of the product or service has committed to reducing that footprint over the following two years. Available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States.


Certified Wildlife Friendly®

The non-profit Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network certifies products if they directly contribute to in situ conservation of key species, their production has a positive impact on the local economy, and communities living with wildlife participate in the production of the product. Products with this certificate can be found in Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, South Africa, United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark sublicensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The program encourages companies to demonstrate efforts in eco-intelligent design by efficiently using water, renewable energy, materials that can be recycled or composted and are safe for human health and the environment through all use phases. This ecolabel is found in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United States.


Grean Seal

It is an independent non-profit organization that certifies products and services that meet environmental standards that are credible and transparent. Green Seal is ANSI-accredited and meets ISO and GEN requirements. Products that hold Green Seal certification are rigorously evaluated, including an on-site audit. Found in Canada, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Puerto Rico, South Africa, United States.


Korean Ecolabel

The label is managed by the Korean government, exactly Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute. The aim of the Institute is to increase environmental friendliness of products by setting up the eco-product standards, building an evaluation system, offering eco-products & environmental trend information to the public, facilitating production of eco-products, and constructing the eco-product consumption system. Available only in Republic of Korea.




Sourcemap is not really a certification but rather a tool which enables to find important information about the particular product. On the Sourcemap.com platform producers share detailed information about components, origins and sometimes environmental and social footprints of their products To access Sourcemap all we need to do is scan ecolabel on a product. After that, we gonna get redirected to an interactive map of the product’s supply chain.



If you are interested to read more about these certifications or maybe find some others not necessarily related to cosmetic industry go to Eco Label website. All information in this post was found on this website.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,



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