Energising Secrets Body Sugar Scrub from Treets Review

The Spring is in a full swing and who if not us green beauties want to get that natural sunkissed tan on shoulders and legs. Before going almost half naked we need to shed winter skin. For today’s review, I have decided to choose Body Sugar Scrub from Treets.

Something about the brand  and the product

Treets offers a wide range of body care products (e.g. shower gel, body lotion) as well as pillow mist or moisturizing gel socks. Body care products are available in six different lines that represent (at least for me) different states of the mind (e.g. Relaxing Chakra’s, Healing in Harmony, Pure Serenity).

The Body Sugar Scrub from Energising Secrets line is an exfoliating body scrub with traditional Amazonian Tamanu and Sacha inchi oil to nourish and soothe skin. Tamanu oil works very well as a moisturizer, sun protectant and natural healing substance for the skin.  Sacha inchi oil has high fatty acid content (93%) that helps even the look of a skin tone, reduce the appearance of scarring but most importantly keeps skin elastic, lock in hydration, protect against sun damage, and help repair damage when it occurs. Therefore, thanks to these two ingredients the product gently exfoliates the skin, helps improve skin tone, leaves the skin delightfully scented. The scrub is free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils. To each product, small spatula which helps to get the product out of the container without putting our fingers in it is included.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

It is already my second Treets Scrub (I bought two at once) and I am mad about the smell. I love how fresh and clean it is. The scent is wonderful and very energising. I just can’t get over it! The application is very easy. After grabbing some product with the spatula I gently massage it onto damp skin and then rinse off. After each use my skin is silky soft and has a strong scent. I feel like the product thoroughly removes my old skin and helps to tighten it slightly. The scrub is not very harsh on the skin. It will definitely not make any scratches as one of the Scrub Bars I have reviewed in the last post.

Environmental footprint



+does not contain microbeads commonly used in peelings

+packaging made from easily recyclable PET plastic

+the packaging is big and after removing a sticker can be easily used as a colourful container

-contains Alpha-isomethyl Ionone which is suspected to be an environmental toxin*


Available in 375g packaging for 9.99€


I am very happy with the performance of this product. I love the smell. I love the feeling of my skin after I use it. The only drawback is that the product is not 100% natural and that actually one of its ingredients might be toxic to the environment. Even though I am amazed by this Scrub, unfortunately, I am forced to not purchase this product again due to the ingredients list.


Yours environmentally friendly friend,


*Based on data from Environmental Working Group website.


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