Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil from Beauty Kitchen Review

Everybody was a facial oil virgin once… 🙂 For me, the first facial oil I have an occasion to try was the Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil from Beauty Kitchen. It was included in a big package from Seahorse line I have bought around Christmas. Since I have started to use this oil I cannot wait to use up the rest of my face lotions so I can switch totally to facial oils! I am hooked!

Something about the brand  and the product

Honestly, I love all the products I have ever tried from the Beauty Kitchen brand. What can I say, they are just SO good! All the products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. The brand is certified as a B Corporation – fully sustainable company (you can read about this certification and many other in one of my previous posts). The labels on Beauty Kitchen’s products are made from waste limestone rock which means…⇓⇓⇓

No trees, water or bleach = no carbon footprint = super sustainable.

What is more, the brand donates a percentage of their sales to The Seahorse Trust to help conserve & preserve these creatures. Also, a minimum of 10% of Beauty Kitchen profits is donated to Ziwa Rhino Fund that aims to protect these animals from poachers.

Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil is a 100% natural face oil. It contains biologically proven seahorse plankton microalgae, is good at reducing wrinkles, plumping and protecting skin. The product prolongs naturally youthful skin and stimulates elasticity.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

Before using this product I was little sceptical. I did not want my skin to overshine or just get too oily. However, the moment I have tried this oil I just felt in love with it. Already after one week, the condition of my skin improved (not that I have bad skin, but improvement is always welcomed 🙂 ) With this oil my rather shallow wrinkle in the middle of my forehead almost disappeared. My skin got smoother, visibility od pores diminished. My skin definitely feels plumper, fresher and is so glowy (do not mistake with oily 🙂 ). The product smells amazingly fresh. With the proper amount used the product sinks directly into a skin. I used it with my favourite BB cream which also happens to be from the Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton line. My skin did not get oily throughout the day. When I was using mentioned BB cream with the Abyssinian Oil Facial Cream from Beauty Kitchen, unfortunately, my face after a while looked like I went straight out of the gym – sweaty. I am definitely convinced now to try other face oils from other brands. All in all, love this oil and will repurchase it in the future.

Environmental footprint



+100% natural

+carbon neutral

+glass packaging

-plastic/rubber cap

-I would skip the extra paper in which the bottle is packed

Available in a 30ml bottle for 29.99€

Recently the brand came out with a lot of new products which I cannot wait to try! Currently, it is my favourite natural beauty brand. Highly recommend it!

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


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