Tołpa Shampoo Green Odżywianie and Conditioner Green Odbudowa Review

I am certain each one of you has their own “golden find” among cosmetic products. For me, it is Green Shampoo and Green Conditioner from Tołpa.

Something about the brand  and products

Tołpa is a polish environmentally friendly brand that offers skincare and dental hygiene products for man, woman, and children. The brand aims to lower its environmental impact by eliminating some of the bad ingredients and taking care of their packaging.

The shampoo and conditioner belong to the Green line. The shampoo is dedicated to dehydrated and dry hair, sensitive but normal and dehydrated scalp. It contains maple, tilia, and wheat that together gently clean and bring back natural balance to hair and scalp. The product claims to hydrate and bring back softness and shine to hair. It does not contain allergens, SLS, silicones, PEG, parabens, formaldehyde, and colorants.

The conditioner is dedicated for damaged, dry, coarse and breaking hair with the sensitive, normal and dry scalp. It contains oat and white hibiscus. The product supposes to rebuild, regenerate and nourish hair and scalp. It does not contain allergens, silicones, parabens, colorants, PEG, SLS, formaldehyde, and paraffin wax. It claims to rebuild damaged parts of the protective layer of hair, lowers a susceptibility to mechanical damage and breaking.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have used only one bottle of each product, but I fell in love with them immediately. I have fine sometimes dry with susceptibility to split ends hair. After using this combo the look of my hair drastically improved. Now, I love to touch my hair all the time, they became super soft and bouncy. I have always had a problem with frizzy hair. Not anymore! My hair is smooth and easy to style. And the smell! OMG! Both products are the best smelling hair products I have ever used! They smell very fresh but flowery. It reminds me a smell if a fresh spring. The only thing I dislike about these products is their packaging. Both are pretty hard which makes it difficult to use the product until the end. Plus, the brand is only available in Poland. In the beginning, if 2018, I have contacted Tołpa to ask about their delivery to other European countries. Apparently, they are working in it. I hope they work fast because I miss the Green Shampoo and Green Conditioner and cannot find any replacement that would work at least similar to these products.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ packaging 4 LDPE plastic which can be recycled into compost bins, paneling, trash can liners and cans, floor tiles, and shipping envelopes

+the conditioner and the shampoo are free from silicones, parabens, colorants, PEG, SLS, formaldehyde

– the conditioner contains Polyquaternium-37 which is suspected to be an environmental toxin and be persistent or bioaccumulative*

-the conditionercontains Behentrimonium Chloride which is suspected to be an environmental toxin, but fortunately is not persistent and does not accumulate in the environment

The Shampoo is available in the 200ml bottle for around 4.30€

The Conditioner is available in the 150ml bottle for around 4.80€

If you have an occasion to try one of these products do not even hesitate! For me, they worked wonders.

And what about you? Do you have your beloved cosmetic product? Let me know in the comments.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


*information from the website of the Environmental Working Group

Are Certifications on Cosmetic Products Reliable or Is It Another Marketing Catch? Part 1

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of “ecolabels” on cosmetic products? Are they reliable or is it another marketing catch?

There are almost 500 different certifications for cosmetics, cleaning products, food, textiles, building products, packaging etc. Each of ecolabels represents individual standards, rules, and practices in delivering a final product or service to its customers. To get a certification a brand needs to meet the requirements of an agreed standard which is later tested by a conformity assessment.  Often the requirements have to be met in a specified time frame. Unfortunately, none of the certifications is used on a global scale. Mostly, they are used in one or at most few countries which often can lead to a confusion.

Even though there are so many certifications present on the market you cannot put your guard down! Not all labels that look like certificates are really certificates. I have noticed that many cosmetic brands place on their products random signs (mostly signs claiming to be cruelty-free) close to official certificates. As you probably already know not all “cruelty-free” signs are really cruelty-free. It is a common practice to fool the uninformed and gullible customer. The be certain if a product you are willing to buy is really certified go to website. Just with few clicks, you are able to confirm or deny your doubts.

In this post, I will shortly describe 10 common certifications applied in cosmetic industry.

Certified Natural Cosmetics

This ecolabel is managed by the non-profit organization BDIH (Association of German Industries and Trading Firms) and marks that ingredients used in a production of a product are natural raw materials from controlled biological cultivation or controlled biological wild collection (e.g. plant oils, fats, herbal extracts, essential oils). Used in Germany.




Belong to the EcoCert Group and is a member of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Ecocert is a certification that stands for sustainable development and organic farming. Found on a cosmetic ensures that a product is organic and natural. The label is widely used in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Japan, Madagascar, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United States.



The certification is managed by the non-profit Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), found in 105 countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Ecuador, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan or Kenya. The goal of a Fairtrade is to create better opportunities for small-scale farmers and workers in developing countries to produce a sustainable product. If a product holds this label it means that the producers and traders meet social, environmental and economic standards, as well terms of trade.


Good Shopping Guide Ethical Award

Owned by the Ethical Company Organization present in Norway, Sweeden, and United Kingdom. The organization focuses on corporate social responsibility across the fields of people, animal welfare and the environment.


Leaping Bunny

Controlled by a non-profit Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. The product with this certification means that it is 100% cruelty-free and that any ingredient in any stage of production is not tested on animals. Member companies are verified each year. Present in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.



Authorized by the non-profit International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association. The organization promotes natural beauty by guaranteeing that each product with this certification is as natural as possible. Products are manufactured with organic and natural ingredients using soft manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. Found in 34 countries eg. The Netherlands, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Tanzania, Tunisia.


Nordic Ecolabel or “Swan”

Managed by a Nordic Council of Ministers and authorized by a third party which is following several ISO standards. The label represents good environmental choice,  sustainable solutions based on a life cycle assessment and an overall goal to reduce the environmental impact. It is available for 65 product groups across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and South Africa.


Soil Association Organic Standard

It is the non-profit Soil Association Certification. The certifications are issued to farmers, growers, food processors and packers, retailers, caterers, textile producers, health and beauty manufacturers and importers. Available in the UK and internationally.



TerraCycle is a company that runs waste collection programs where non-recyclable waste can be sent by a customer to TerraCycle and made into new products and materials. Available in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Isreal, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.


B Corporation

Managed by the non-profit B-Lab which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems by supporting businesses, investors, governments and multinational corporations to implement sustainable procurement policies. Present in Canada, United States, and recently some cosmetic brands in the UK.



Have you recognized some of these labels? What do you think about them? Do they represent what you thought they were representing?

I will talk about it next week and will discover 10 new certifications. Stay tuned!

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Feminine hygiene products. Cotton panty liners and cotton tampons from NatraCare review.

Did you know that standard pads and tampons can be harmful to your body? Did you know that those products can contain potentially toxic chemicals, pesticides, and petrochemicals? Cotton used in the production can be genetically modified and treated with crop pesticides. It may contain fragrance and dyes (coloured threads at the end of the tampon). To get a snow-white colour of a product the manufacturer can use chlorine bleach. Do you want to know more? When it comes to the most sensitive part of our body we should think twice what we want to use. Especially, if we decide to go with tampons.

Cotton panty liners and cotton tampons from NatraCare are a perfect choice if you want to feel safe regarding your menstruation and health hazard. It is a British brand that offers natural and organic tampons, pads, liners, wipes, and maternity products. Their products are made with organic cotton, and are plastic, perfume, dyes, synthetics and chlorine free (btw. who would think that there are so many nasties in hygiene products, right?). Products are completely biodegradable, which is super important for me – the environmental freak! Additionally, the brand has many certifications including USDA certification for biobased product and Nordic Ecolabel. Moreover, it belongs to Vegetarian Society and has the Ethical Award.

I personally am using cotton panty liners and cotton tampons in regular and super size. Both products are comfortable and easy to use. They are strong (it never happened to me that a thread got broken) and do not leak. Since products are totally natural and made from organic cotton, I have never experienced rush, itching or other allergy reaction.

Pack of tampons contains 20 pieces and is available for 3.89 – 3.99€

Pack of panty liners contains 22 pieces for 2.99€

I definitely recommend it to every woman! We should care about our private parts as much as we care about our hair, face or hands.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,



Dr. Organic Deodorant Review

I hope all of you ladies that are reading my post now are feeling good today. Good about the fact that you are a woman, proud of your achievements, and proud to be you!

For today’s review, I have chosen deodorants from Dr. Organic.

For two years now, I have completely stopped using antiperspirants and other pore-clogging deodorants. They are the worst! I remember having coarse and kind of sticky armpits even after taking a shower. I remember how I needed to use a deodorant otherwise after one or two hours I started to stink. I remember how many of my clothes had stains. I remember all of it and I am happy to not deal with it anymore!

My first non-clogging pore deo was Organic Hemp Oil Deodorant from Dr. Organic. Now I am going through my fifth packaging. The product comes in different smells: Hemp, Lavender, Olive Oil, Rose, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and many more. They are lightly scented and free of SLES, aluminium, parabens and alcohol!

I have to admit that when I switched to this deo my body had to adjust and I sweat a little bit more at the beginning. Fortunately, after a while, everything came back to normal, and I do not sweat that much anymore. Of course, if I have a very intense physical activity or I am very very stressed I start to sweat, but I smell with the scent of the deodorant. I used this product when I was in India (35ºC – 38ºC) and Nepal while trekking, and I was totally satisfied with its performance. I did not stink or swim in sweat! What is more important, now, my armpits are smooth and soft. I do not have a feeling of stickiness and coarseness anymore! I love that! I feel like my skin is cleaner and healthier. I regret that I did not switch to a more natural deodorant before. I was afraid that I will sweat too much and stink. If you have the same concerns as I had before DON’T! It is totally worth it! Your skin will thank you for that, you will feel better, and after a while… smell the same as when you were using antiperspirant. I know now, that I will never come back to a traditional deodorant. Actually, I am slowly switching to 100% natural deodorant like a salt stick or salt spray.

The product is available in a sturdy plastic 50ml bottle for 8.59€.

If you are searching for a healthier deodorant that does not clog your pores, Dr. Organic is a perfect alternative, and a good start! I totally recommend it.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Strengthening Hair Serum from Naturtint Review. Is it really natural?

There was a time when I was using plenty of hair products and still my hair was not looking so great. Every two days I was shampooing my hair followed by a rinse off conditioner, and leave on conditioner. After I completely dried my hair with blow-dryer I still had to apply serum mostly in form of an oil. Even though I was using all of these products that suppose to moisturize, rebuild and do all other “magic”, my hair was still looking terrible.

Two years ago, when I decided to switch to more natural and environmentally friendly cosmetics my hair started to regain its vitality and after some time became more strong and shiny. Now, I wash my hair once every three to four days and use only a shampoo, rinse off conditioner and leave on spray from Naturtint.

Something about the brand and the product

The strengthening serum from Naturtint aims to rebuild, strengthen and give shine to hair. The product contains 10% of active ingredients from certified bio farming. Those special ingredients are baobab extract, sunflower floral water, and active vitamin and amino acid complex. The first ingredient is a natural anti-ageing complex and stimulates hair capillaries. The latter one works as a natural split end sealer. The last ingredient repairs hair in general. Naturtint serum as all other products I review on my blog is cruelty-free. Additionally, the product is free from artificial colourants and perfumes, SLS, SLES, parabens and acrylates however it is not 100% natural. The serum contains 97% of natural ingredients.

The 3% include:

  • Palmitamdopropyltrimonium chloride and Quaternium-80 are antistatic agents and hair conditioning agents, have a low overall health hazard.
  • Creatine and Allantoin panthenol are skin-conditioning agents and have a low overall health hazard.
  • Sodium benzoate is a preservative commonly used in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, has a low to moderate overall health hazard, use restrictions in Japan, not suspected to be an environmental toxin, does not accumulate in the environment.
  • Potassium sorbate is used as a preservative, has a low to moderate overall health hazard, can induce allergies, not suspected to be an environmental toxin, does not accumulate in the environment.
  • D-limonene has a low overall health hazard, there is a limit on concentrations that can be used.
  • Linalool and Citronellol are fragrance ingredients, have a moderate health hazard, can induce allergies, there is a limit on concentrations that can be used, not suspected to be an environmental toxin, does not accumulate in the environment.

* data on ingredients sourced from EWG Cosmetics Database

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

I have used this product on and off for the last year (I have used one bottle). First I am using my shampoo, followed with a rinse off conditioner, at the end I apply Naturtint spray serum and leave my hair to dry naturally. I have to admit that the fragrance is amazing, very floral, even my boyfriend loves it. My hair looks healthier and straighter. The product really works well for split ends. It does not add extra weight to hair even with heavy use of the product. Honestly, I love the product and recently I have even purchased a second bottle, but soon I want to look for something that is 100% natural.

Environmental footprint

+ cruelty-free

+ vegan – no animal byproducts in the ingredients list

+ recyclable PET plastic

+many ingredients come from organic farming

+ 3% of ingredients are not natural but DO NOT have negative impact on the environment

? no information about carbon footprint


The product is available in 125ml bottle for 9.99€.

With this review, I wanted to show you that even though the product states to be natural and can be bought in a “natural” shop it does not mean that it is perfect. Even though the product is in 97% natural it still contains few ingredients that MIGHT induce allergies. Anyway, it is way better than other products which contain all bad ingredients and are harmful to our bodies and the environment.

Now it is your decision which products you want to include in your daily hair or skincare routine. Is it enough for you when the product is 97% natural or you opt for 100% only?

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Teaology Tea Infusion Shower Gel Review

Few days ago, I received Teaology Black Rose Tea Micellar shower gel as a sample. I just finished my yoga practice and decided to give it a try. The moment I put the product on my body I got amazed!

Something about the brand  and the product

I have heard about the brand a few days ago so I do not know much about it. The only information I could find was that the company is Italian and offers unique skincare line infused with tea. There are many products in the Tea Infusion Skincare line including shower gels, face masks, lotions, moisturizers, bath salts, anticellulite products, masks, scrubs, and hand lotions. There is no end. Each product is formulated without parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, SLS, SLES, artificial colours, and formaldehyde donors. According to the brand, this Black Rose Tea Micellar shower gel can be used as a shower gel or be directly poured into the bath. The secret ingredients are black tea infusion and rose water that have moisturizing and detoxing properties.

My personal opinion and how the product worked for me

There is not much you can really say about shower gel, right? Any product of that kind suppose to clean our body from dirt and sweat and should leave us with a fresh feeling. As something extra, a cosmetic can work on our senses and have a pleasant smell. That is it, nothing complicated! I am that kind of person that does not get crazy about simple products like shower gel. I am more of a hair products crazy person. But this time is different. The first time I have tried this shower gel I felt in love with it immediately! I do not know if it was a consistency or a smell or both, but I know, I am hooked! The consistency is very dense, almost transparent in a form of a gel. It foams very well. I definitely used too much product. When I started to spread the gel on all of my body the smell hit my nostrils. I started to smile and the only thought going through my head was “OMG, OMG! I love this product!” <— I am totally serious, it was exactly like that! After I left the bathroom, my skin felt hydrated and I could smell this amazing scent until I went to bed, which happened at least 4 hours later.

Environmental footprint


+not 100% natural but none of the ingredients is toxic for the environment and is not suspected to be persistent and accumulate

-no information if the packaging is recyclable –> probably not

The product is available in the 250ml tube for 16.27€

As I mentioned I am never going crazy about shower gels but I got obsessed with this one. I cannot wait to hit my yoga practice and a shower straight after. I will definitely repurchase this product.

Have a nice Friday evening!

Yours environmentally friendly friend,



Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream and Bio Morning Nectar Whitening Lip Balm Review.

Nobody likes the feeling or look of a dry skin. In the winter season, our face and hands are highly exposed not only to cold air and wind but also hot and dry air inside our houses. Is your bed located close to the heater? Maybe you wake up in the morning with dry skin on your face and lips? Even, if most of the time our skin is oily or normal it can happen that we need an extra moisturizer during those winter days.

Today I’ve decided to review Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream for normal to dry skin and Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Whitening Lip Balm.

I have already reviewed two other products from this brand and I totally love them! Just to remind you Biotique is an Indian brand offering various skincare products e.g. face wash, face toner, moisturizer, lip balm, shampoo, shower gel etc. On each product, it is written that the brand is “based on 5000-year-old Ayurvedic recipes known to integrate and celebrate body, mind and spirit. This is the heritage and harmony of all Biotique products, blending proven Ayurvedic therapies with the science of 21st-century bio-technology“. According to brand’s philosophy, products are not cosmetics but they have therapeutic properties. After all, the ingredients list is very short (5 to 10 ingredients) and none of the product contains  parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, SLS, SLES etc.

Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

Because of the harsh weather and dry air in my house recently I got slightly dry patches on my cheeks, under my eyes, and on my forehead. My usual moisturizer was not solving my problems that’s why I reached for Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream. The product contains wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and extracts of carrot and galangal. On the packaging, it is written that the cream moisturizes and strengthens skin for a more vital, resilient, younger appearance.

In general, my skin is normal to oily so I do not know how the product would work on completely dry skin but on mine worked wonders. I applied it only on my cheeks, under eye area, and neck. After a week I had to stop using it on under my eyes because the product is very heavy and potent, and as we know skin around our eyes is very sesnsitive. Basically, the cream was too heavy for me for this part of my face. I continue using this cream on my cheeks and neck and I really love it. I do not wake up anymore with dry skin in the morning and my cheeks are smooth and nourished. Also, I have noticed that the visibility of fine lines on my neck diminished.

The consistency of the product is very thick but smooth. An application is really easy and the product is not sticky. My skin absorbs it very fast. The scent is light and resembles any scent of “winter” creams. The packaging is neat and very sturdy. But what I love the most about it is the hard plastic top (after removing the cap) that protects the product from drying. We all know that natural products have shorter use life after opening so in my opinion, it’s an amazing protection.

The product is available in the 50g container. I bought mine when I was back in India for 230 Indian rupees (around 2.9€), but on their website, you can purchase it for 13.99$ (around 11.5€). The difference is quite shocking, right?

Extra cap protecting products from drying out.

Bio Morning Nectar Whitening Lip Balm

It is and anti-ageing balm that moisturizes and revitalizes lips. It fights collagen loss and fills-in creases to smooth-out dry lines for noticeable smoother, younger looking lips. Additionally, it has SPF 30 UVA and UVB filter.

I have been using this balm for couple of months now and I am thrilled. I have started it when I was trekking in Nepal. The product works perfectly either against the sun or cold weather. It is advertised as an anti aging whitening balm, but for me it works wonders in any harsh conditions. It is very thick but once gets warmed up in your fingers it spreads really smooth on lips. The consistency is thick therefore if you use it too much it leaves a visible white film. If used in smaller amounts it can look like a shiny balm. The product also have an extra top protecting against drying out.

I am not a fan of balms but this one I totally love! It’s universal so you don’t need to spend money on few products. It works in winter and summer! A little bit goes a long way.

The lip balm comes in 12g packaging and in India it costs 175 Indian rupees (2.2€) whereas on their website it’s 12.99$ (10.7€). Delivery available worldwide.

I love both products, but after a winter time, I don’t really see a purpose to use this night cream since my skin is normal to oily. If you have a dry skin I’m sure you will love the product so I really recommend it. On the other hand, I totally love the lip balm and I am definitely going to repurchase it!

What about you? Does your skincare routine change during winter season? Do you use different products? Let me know in comments.


Have a nice evening.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Natural and organic cosmetics? What does it really mean?

You are standing in between shelves in the local drugstore or scrolling down green webshop and thinking which cosmetics should you choose?





You are racking your brain what do all these names mean? Don’t worry! I am here to help you.


In the perfect world, it would mean that a cosmetic contains only natural ingredients and that their molecular structure has not been changed due to any chemical modifications. Actions that preserve a natural state of an ingredient include distillation, maceration, solvent extraction and squeezing.

Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and the word “natural” is abused by beauty brands. The term is not really regulated therefore to truly know if a product we hesitate to buy is natural we have to study the ingredients list.

Some companies state that their product is natural even though it contains parabens, silicones and all other chemicals. However, there are some “good” brands that try to ease our shopping struggle and write in what percentage their product is natural. You can find percentages starting even at 88% and finishing at 99.9%. But do not get fooled! Even if the product is 98% natural it does not mean that it cannot contain silicone. My advice? ALWAYS read the ingredients list.


It simply means that the plant ingredients were grown using organic farming practices. Organic farming is an agricultural system where food production is based on naturally occurring biological processes. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited.

There are few certificates that ensure that the product is organic (about certificates in the next post).



Vegan cosmetics are those that do not contain animal products or byproducts. The most common examples are stearic acid (substance taken from a pig’s stomach), lactic acid (found in blood and muscle tissue) or beeswax (melted honeycomb).



If you love and care about animals you should always buy cruelty-free certified products. You might be surprised how many different products are tested on animals before being allowed to the market. It is not only our cosmetics but also household cleaning products, tissues, band-aids, condoms, washing powder and softener, and even a post-it notes. Basically, every product that might have longer contact with human skin can be tested on animals.

Next time, think twice before reaching for something. You do not want to have innocent animals on your conscience, do you?



So what is gonna be your next choice? Natural? Organic? Vegan? Cruelty-free? Or maybe all in one?


Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Weleda Bath milk review


It’s Friday evening and you are tired after all the week?

This day like no other is perfect to take a relaxing bath. You can use salts, oils, milk or bath bombs.

I don’t know about you but I love baths! It’s my time. Time with my thoughts, wine, and music.

Today, I will review bath milk from Weleda.

All the products offered by the company are cruelty-free, non-toxic, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, SLS-free, and GMO-free. They offer a wide range of cosmetics including face, baby, body, and personal care products.

The Arnica Sport Bath Milk is recommended for active people since it helps in recovery of your muscles. It has soothing and calming effects on your body. The brand offers various scents of their bath milks. Sport bath version is available only in Arnica scent. The product is 100% natural and certified.

After filling all my bathtub with water I added 2 to 3 caps as specified on the packaging. The scent is really strong and does not remind of any of my other “sweet” baths. The smell is strong and herbal. At the beginning, I was not convinced to this smell but after a while I really liked it. It felt like I am giving my body and my senses special therapy. It is probably just me, but every time I am using cosmetics that have a really strong herbal smell I fell like it is a medical treatment.

The milk does not make any foam as visible in the picture but it is definitely taking away the stress and reduce tightness in your muscles.

The product comes in 200ml and costs 13.79€.

So who is ready to take a bath tonight? I am heading to take mine. Enjoy your Friday evening.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,


Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton BB Cream Review

Recently, I go for more natural makeup or no makeup look at all. That is why Seahorse Plankton Beauty Boosting BB Cream from Beauty Kitchen is one of my favourite products now!

Beauty Kitchen claims that seahorse plankton as one of  the ingredients improves production of collagen and protects against environmental damage. The product blurs imperfections creating an even skin tone and blends perfectly to match all skin tones and types. It is 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and suitable for vegans (cruelty-free). Moreover, for all of us green freaks, Beauty Kitchen states that the packaging has neutral carbon footprint, which I totally love!

The product has light consistency and spreads easily on a face. You can use it after moisturizer or instead. I use it after my moisturizer or sunscreen because the product sits better and more even on my skin, plus I find it easier to apply. The color of the cream is orange, but do not get scared. Once applied on a face it really adjusts and blends with your natural skin tone. At the moment of application, the smell is very strong, but it fades immediately leaving that fresh feeling. The product gives me summer sunkissed look slightly blurring my pores (which are not so big anyway) and small redness.

Honestly, I cannot say a bad word about this product. Since I have stopped applying foundation on my skin I cannot get over this BB cream! No powder, highlighter or any of today’s hyped makeup products! I love how naturally and effortless I look using this product. I am already in the middle of my second bottle and definitely, will purchase this product in the future.

The product is available in 30ml packaging for 14.99 €.

I am faithful to my product but do you have your favourite BB Cream? Or do you prefer to use foundation in your makeup routine? Let me know in the comments.

Yours environmentally friendly friend,